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In 1999 begins the activity of Emphasis Comunicación, created by a group of professionals to offer innovative solutions in an evolving marketplace.
Communication, Advertising and Public Relations. Formed by industry professionals with over 25 years experience.
With a clear objective: to develop more effective communication campaigns for our clients and above all, more profitable.

What we do


    Promotion campaigns designed for the insertion of news in the media.

    News generation from specific data based on a company or product

    Calls for media, through press conferences or individual lunches.


    Design and strategy of advertising campaigns.

    Direct marketing and merchandising.

    Neon signs in rooftops.

    Canvas installation on building facades.

  • PR

    Extensive experience in organizing, developing and monitoring events.

    For each client we develop our own methodology in order to be aligned with their interests.

    We take care of protocol in the organization of public and private events.


    We are experts in the design, production, assembly and dismantling of stands for exhibitions and events..

    We produce innovative and quality designs that suit to the needs and budget of our customers.



    Design and develop of web pages.

    design, layout, creation and sending of email newsletters, email communications...

    Search Engine Optimizacion in order to achieve, with the minimum investment, the greater profitability.


    We design the Social Media strategy for our customers.

    We define the messages to be transmitted and the audience.

    We select the social networks that best fit our goals.

    Community Management.



Emphasis Comunicación



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